Numicon is an approach incorporating Communicating, Exploring Relationships and Generalising.

  • Conversation
  • Hands-on and learning through play
  • Problem-solving and inquiry learning
  • Based on the CPA Approach and the studies of Piaget, Vygotsky and Bruner


The key benefits of using Numicon:
1. Making Maths Real

2. Fulfils the NZ Curriculum and more

3. Consistent journey for the students through their schooling

4. Improved achievement for every student

5. Planning already done for the teachers

6. Assessment built in

7. Flexibility for any setting

8. Inclusive education practice - every child included

9. Ongoing PD assistance, especially in a full year package.

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Webinar on Youtube. Following the CPA model as introduced by Bruner, researched by Haylock.

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Early Childhood - learning through play

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Intervention for older learners/Acceleration

For RTLB's

For LSC's,SENCO's, Teachers and TA's working with students who have High Learning Needs

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