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Creating a rich learning environment

Creating a rich learning environment

Photocopy Masters to help you create your displays and environment

HowToSetUpClass.mp4 VIDEO

Mastery in Maths, a link to OUP. A rich professional learning experience.

Using Manipulatives in the classroom - Click here to the UK page with 'How to' videos and other resources



Display resources - find more at the international page


Numicon shapes

Numicon large shapes

Counting and pattern

Counting in groups

Subtraction covers

Numeral cards

Make numbers with numerals

Doubles and halves

Decimal number line

Odds and evens

Blank Spinner overlays

Numicon Online What is Numicon Online? It's a huge library of professional learning videos, files of photocopy masters, lesson plans, display files, assessment files for your school. To purchase - Instructions to log in and download

Seasonal Resources and activities 

Activities to do at home

Numbers and shapes 1-10

Maori Numbers and shapes 11-20 Maori

Numicon in Spanish   

Language Poster +-x÷

Suitable for children to glue into the front cover of their maths books. ... 

Language Posters A4 +-x÷

Suitable for printing and laminating for classroom display ...

Numicon Dominoes

Numicon Game - Mu Torere and single

Pacific Counting words Numicon coins NZ

Use these files to create counting and equivalence activities with coins. 1c, 2c and 5c coins are included to teach equivalence and patterning or +, -, x, /, that can also be applied to counting dollar coins. These smaller coins are included to help children understand the significance of a 10c coin and compare its relative value to a $1 and $2 coin and then onto the note values. ...

Numicon coins PDF version

NZ Coins to use with activities in Numicon 1 and 2. ...

NZ Coins spinner overlays

Basic Facts

Basic facts to 10

Basic Facts to 20

Place Value

Hundreds board showing decades 0 - 99

Hundreds Board 0 - 99

Place Value - TO frame Click here

Place Value - HTO frame click here

Place Value - HTO tenths frame Click here

Place Value - HTO tenths, hundredths frame Click here

Place Value - Dollars and cents frame Click here

Patterns on a 100 square, multiples Click here

100's square 0 - 99Oxford Times Tables Pack