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Welcome to New Firm Foundations

Welcome to Breaking Barriers

Welcome to Numicon 1

Welcome to Numicon 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6

Note to intermediate years:
If you are just beginning your Numicon journey, you may find that your
Year 6 's will need to begin at Numicon 4;
Years 7's at 4 or 5,
Year 8's at 4 or 5.
At this level, you will have a wide range of ability.  Your top flyers may want to continue on their journey from previous years.

Successfully Implementing Numicon

 When implementing Numicon

into your school for the first time, in the first year from Years 2 - 6.

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Creating a rich learning environment

Photocopy Masters to help you create your displays and environment

Video on creating a rich learning environment


Planning Templates

Linking all the strands across the school year

Teaching Progressions click here