Supporting assessment, progress and attainment

Whether you are looking for a 'ready-made' assessment solution, or the advice and tools to help you develop your own,

Numicon supports you with assessment by:

- Providing you with a quality research-based programme that is proven to work

- Offering flexible support that caters for every level of experience in your school

- Working with the best experts to offer you advice and support you can trust

- Supporting you in creating a whole-school approach to assessment

- Helping you to connect assessment with next steps for teaching

- Offering a range of Professional Development and school improvement services to suit your needs

Numicon is a proven pedagogy that raises achievement across all abilities. Numicon provides you with a range of formative assessments clearly signposted throughout the teaching materials.

Help to close the achievement gap with the Numicon Intervention Programme, a fixed term 12 - 15 week of intense support for students 6 - 13 years.

Numicon links with National Standards  Download here

Numicon Milestone links with National Standards  Download here

Assessment with Numicon - Download here

Resources of Assessment

  1. Assessment Opportunities listed in every activity group
  2. Assessment files in Firm Foundations and Breaking Barriers
  3. Explorer Progress books for every student using Numicon 1- 6
  4. Milestones which sum up the previous 5-6 weeks of learning
  5. Tracking Spreadsheets in every Teaching Handbook and from Oxford Owl with excel files
  6. Practice Tests to use with Numicon 1 to 6 - see below

Summary with further information 


Practice Tests to introduce students to formal assessments and tests, use with Numicon 2 and 3 - 6



  • Practice materials prepare children for the specific demands of both the Arithmetic and Reasoning papers.
  • Test-style questions are presented topic by topic so that teachers can identify areas for further work.
  • Links are provided to the Activity Groups within the Numicon teaching programme so that teachers can find step-by-step activities and additional practice to consolidate areas of weakness.
  • Complete answers are provided.
  • A tracking speadsheet for the worksheets is available within Numicon Online.  This can be used to help identify what individual children and the class as a whole have done well and where they would benefit from further teaching and practice.


  • Mental Maths practice ideas for the year
  • Revision Questions
  • Extra mixed practice for home or school
  • Aural maths practice quizzes and answer sheets
  • Answers and mark scheme that enable you to link any areas of weakness to the Teaching Handbook Activity Group

Sample pages The pages with references to GBP will be soon available as PDF's with dollars and cents.

OUP Primary Guide to MASTERY learning of Mathematics