Numicon is a mastery, structured Maths approach covering all contexts/strands, 

providing explicit teaching, explorations, and investigations based on the 

science of learning maths.

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Numicon covers all the strands/contexts working together presented in a spiral sequence

 to maintain children's learning throughout the year

 Numicon is aligned with the NZ Curriculum and is flexible to provide opportunities 

for your local curriculum and cultural response to be included

Numicon is inclusive - meeting the needs of all children

Numicon is based on years of thorough research from international experts in learning and maths education - Vygotsky, Gattegno, Piaget, Skemp, Sfard, Bruner, Davydov, Wing, Mason and others.  It is continually being updated to meet the needs of all learners. 

Using Numicon results in the enjoyment of maths and exciting results in every school.  Once implemented well...

Year 3 Students are typically working at Level 2/end of Phase 1. 

Year 6 students are typically working at NZC Level 3/end of Phase 2 

Year 8 Students are typically working at NZC Levels 4/5/end of Phase 3

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Award-winning whole-school maths resource

Creating confident mathematicians 


Robust and reliable assessment 

Conversation, mathematical reasoning and problem-solving

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Numicon is sold in New Zealand by Procon Limited under the licence of Oxford University Press

Margi Leech and the Edushop Team have been accredited by Oxford University Press to deliver Numicon Professional Development in New Zealand. 


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