Video on Planning and Assessment Click here

Mixed level classes - follow these sequences to plan

Numicon 1 & 2 Here

Numicon 3 & 4 Here

Numicon 5 & 6 Here

Planning templates Click here

Numicon 1 - Suggestions for planning: Securing Foundations 1, Securing Foundations 2, Securing Foundations 3, Securing Foundations 4

Further resources are on the NZC Level 1 page - Here

Derry's comments on Numicon Assessment



About Assessment with Numicon

Numicon employs a formative assessment approach to give a deeper and more convincing picture of a child's learning and progress. Children's learning is recorded not tested.

Resources of Assessment

  1. Assessment Opportunities are listed on the summary overview of every activity group

  2. Assessment grids - an Online resource from Oxford Owl

  3. Explorer Progress booklets for every student using Numicon 1- 6

  4. Milestones to track students' progress are in the back of the Teaching Handbooks.

  5. Tracking Milestone Spreadsheets- group and personalised as well as an excel file on Oxford Owl

  6. Practice Tests to use with Numicon 1 to 6 to create your own assessments based on your teaching- see below


Milestones are markers along a student's learning journey.  They are a summary of the previous 4 - 6 weeks of learning.

Milestones recognise that a student may not learn all that is expected in the one week of learning, but rather over time. The Milestones reflect this learning journey.

Milestones are provided in the back of every Teaching Handbook and as an Excel spreadsheet downloaded through the Oxford Owl subscription.


Assessment Files and further information Click here

How to implement Formative Assessment from the Auckland Maths Hub.  This is not a Numicon file. Click here