Big Ideas has been written to meet the needs of older students in Years 5 - 9 who struggle with Maths and have not made expected achievement levels in their previous years.

  • Adding and subtracting
  • Multiplying and dividing
  • Place Value
  • Fractions
  • Working with fractions, decimals and percentages

Numicon Big Ideas is a programme written to provide additional lessons, laying the foundation for success for ongoing learning.

Lessons are written clearly to provide teachers and teacher aides to deliver a focus on strong re-teaching of key topics using an active and practical approach.

The 12-week programme includes an initial assessment and 48 step-by-step lessons across the key five areas where students struggle most.

Big Ideas has been written by the Numicon Team and including Steve Chinn, a well-known professor specialising in dyscalculia.

Click here to download a sample.