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New Zealand Curriculum links with Numicon - Achievement Objectives

New Zealand Curriculum LInks with Numicon Milestones for Assessment

Numicon and PACT

Learning Progressions Framework links with Numicon.  Booklet 

Numicon aligned with the new LPF and PaCT as the Curriculum Progress Tool in general terms.  This will be added to as the new CPT tool is refined.

0-400 - Firm Foundations

400-500 - Numicon 1

500-600 - Numicon 2 and 3

600-700 - Numicon 3 and 4

700-800 - Numicon 3, 4 and 5

800-900 - Numicon 5 and 6

900-1000 - Numicon 6

Numicon and NZC Achievement Objectives

Numicon 1 links with NZC Level 1 Achievement Objectives

Numicon 2 links with NZC Level 2a Achievement Objectives

Numicon 3 links with NZC Level 2b Achievement Objectives

Numicon 4 links with NZC Level 3a Achievement Objectives

Numicon 5 links with NZC Level 3b Achievement Objectives

Numicon 6 links with NZC Level 4 Achievement Objectives

NZC Levels 1 and 2 with Numicon 1, Breaking Barriers, Firm Foundations

Assessing with Numicon

Numicon and Numeracy Framework

Numicon and JAM

Numicon and IKAN

Numicon and GloSS

Numicon teaches the same strategies as NF