New Zealand Refreshed Curriculum 2023 and Numicon

Phase 1 - Firm Foundations, Numicon 1 and 2

Phase 2 - Numicon 3, 4, and 5

Phase 3 - Numicon 5 and 6

Numicon Intervention Programme - suitable for Phases 1 and 2

Breaking Barriers - suitable for Phase 1 but there are aspects totally applicable for students in secondary settings.

Big Ideas - suitable for Phase 2 Year 6 and Phase 3 as a catch-up

Progressions of Learning

Numicon is a programme that has provided progressions of learning when it was first written in the late 1990's. These have been refined over the years since.

The progressions provide key steps of learning and in sequence across all the strands/contexts to show the interconnectness of maths. These add to the NZC.

Progressions of learning for Number, Place value and fractions

Progressions of learning for Add, sub, mult, div and algebra

Progressions for learning Measurement and Space

Progressions for learning Statistics and Probability

The first Six Months Progressions of Learning

The second six months Progressions of Learning

Years 1 - 8 Progressions of learning with Numicon Milestones - available with PLD


Numicon and the Refreshed Curriculum - Phase 1

Numicon and the Refreshed Curriculum - Phase 2

Numicon and the Refreshed Curriculum - Phase 3

Assessing with Numicon a booklet describing the gathering of evidence and the recording of learning progressions

New Zealand Curriculum links with Numicon - Achievement Objectives

New Zealand Curriculum LInks with Numicon Milestones for Assessment

Numicon and PACT

Learning Progressions Framework links with Numicon.  Booklet 

Numicon aligned with the new LPF and PaCT as the Curriculum Progress Tool in general terms.  This will be added to as the new CPT tool is refined.

0-400 - Firm Foundations

400-500 - Numicon 1

500-600 - Numicon 2 and 3

600-700 - Numicon 3 and 4

700-800 - Numicon 3, 4 and 5

800-900 - Numicon 5 and 6

900-1000 - Numicon 6

Numicon and NZC Achievement Objectives

Numicon 1 links with NZC Level 1 Achievement Objectives

Numicon 2 links with NZC Level 2a Achievement Objectives

Numicon 3 links with NZC Level 2b Achievement Objectives

Numicon 4 links with NZC Level 3a Achievement Objectives

Numicon 5 links with NZC Level 3b Achievement Objectives

Numicon 6 links with NZC Level 4 Achievement Objectives

NZC Levels 1 and 2 with Numicon 1, Breaking Barriers, Firm Foundations