Software for interactive whiteboards

Designed to enhance the multi-sensory Numicon programme, our software offers teachers a rich library of images and models to use on interactive whiteboards in numeracy teaching.

It is designed to supplement the Numicon approach as a tool to intoriduce concepts and ideas in whole class or group discussions.

Many of the activities from the teaching programme can be adapted to include the whole class, but do highly recommend that each child has a set of shapes which they can use in response to questions. this is also a great way for teachers to see when children are starting to understand key ideas and make an assessment of an individual's progress.

The software includes Numicon images and number rods which can be used with the number lines, number tracks, hundred squares and other models to help pupils make connections in problem solving and understand the properties of arithmetic operations like inverse and commutativity. There are also objects for counting, number generators and hoops to use in sorting, division and fractions. 

Single sets of Numicon shapes (ISBN 9780198487319) and Sets of 30 Numicon shapes (ISBN 9780198487326) are available to order separately. 

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