Numicon Online saves you time by bringing together all the support you need to introduce and implement Numicon in your school.

Whether you’ve a focus on mastery, manipulatives, or intervention, everything is in one place, with new and improved navigation to ensure you find what you need easily. 

It contains award winning Interactive Whiteboard Software which helps you bring mathematical concepts and learning to life. This flexible teaching tool that allows you to manipulate and use a wide range of apparatus, create models, set up questions and save your screens. 

What else is included?

  • Photocopy master packs
  • Curriculum and planning materials (National and International curriculums, as well as White Rose planning, plus more)
  • Training, ideas and implementation videos
  • Additional activities to use with your class or to send home
  • Extra resources for early learners
  • Summative assessment materials, including tracker spreadsheets and packs of Milestones.

Watch the video for a demonstration.

A 'walk through' video