Firm Foundations - one to one - (There is an option to purchase the kit afterwards, less the loan fee.) - 3 months

Training DVD - 2 weeks

Steps to using our loan service:

  1. Send us the loan agreement via email or post.
  2. 'Buy' the loan resource at this link
  3. Pay the loan fee (Reference -Invoice number) and send us an email this has been done.
  4. When the payment and the loan agreement have been processed, we will send you the loan items.

 Click here to open the agreement.

Late returns of the items borrowed are invoiced at the full cost. If you wish to continue or purchase the loan, please contact us before the loan expires.

Courier and the return courier costs are covered by you.

Loan Fees:

Firm Foundations- One to one  The loan fee is $50 +GST for the 3 months

Training DVD  The loan fee is $30 + GST for 2 weeks. This includes allowing time for postage via courier.

If you wish to keep the loan kit, the amount that you pay for the loan period will be regarded as the deposit. Email us to let us know your decision and we will let you know the remainder to pay.  We can also release another kit for loan to others.  Thanks.