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Welcome all home educators! This programme is a home school family's dream- especially with the new products integrating Numeracy with Geometry, Measurement and Statistics. You will love it!

Explore the website for information about this programme. Watch the videos, do a youTube search, ask us further questions. We have been home educators too!

Print off the free resources from the FREE page as well as the Sharing Page.  See menu buttons to the left.

To help you get started and explore this excellent programme, we suggest you purchase Firm Foundations. It contains apparatus that you will use for the next eight years! There will be other apparatus to purchase along the way as your children learn.

If your child has learning difficulties or special needs, please refer to Closing the Gap and note that there is a loan kit available for a trial three month period.  

Closing the Gap and Firm Foundations are the same concepts of learning. CTG was written for children of any age with learning difficulties.

You may also be interested in the Numicon at the Seaside home pack.

If your funds are quite limited then we suggest purchasing the 1st Steps with Numicon Bundle.  It is a very cost effective taste of Numicon that also includes an activity book to show you how to use the equipment.  It is an easy re-sell via Trademe. We also offer payment in installments. Please contact us.

Numicon equipment can be used to teach all maths concepts from early childhood through to Year 9 when algebraic equations can be illustrated and explored.  

Along the way, you can teach addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, ratios, fractions, decimals, percentages, discuss and show reasoning of maths, patterning, odds and evens, prime numbers, square numbers, roots, the associative and commutative properties of maths, geometry, neasurement and statistics.

This is a wonderful programme!

Maths is all about being able to talk and communicate numbers, their relationships and how they behave. Numicon is able to all this and more! The activities re related to everyday life, are language-based and reflective in nature.  Zillions of worksheets can be found on the internet. Numicon however, follows a better way- do, talk and record what you are learning! Now that's what kids really love!

If your preschool child is the kind that loves to play and learn from playing then we suggest talking about his/her learning in the sand pit, while cooking, playing with small world toys etc.  To get some great ideas to use in this and many more ways, see 1st Steps with Numicon in the Nursery Teaching Guide.

What are the learning concept in each of the kits?

Firm Foundations- the concept of numbers, patterns, counting, sequences, matching, matching shapes and numerals, putting shapes together (early addition), separating patterns (early subtraction), reasoning about numbers

Curriculum for each of the year levels

To look at the previews:

1st Steps with Numicon at Home  and 1st Steps with Numicon in the Nursery (early childhood)

Closing the Gap 

Maths Bag

Year 1  Year 2  Year 3 Year 4 Children can begin the Numicon programme at any level; there are introductory activities at the beginning of each year level

Videos and further information found on the OUP website

If you are interested in a loan kit click here.

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